Generating Growth for Your Business

Prior Consulting provides creative growth solutions that are designed to withstand all market cycles, both bull and bear. Our clients are international and range from structure funds to private equity including family offices and HNWIs providing funding solutions to a wide range of ethical and inspirational business types.

We provide solutions for all industry sectors and have a strong code of ethics that ensures we always deliver on our promises. Essentially, our success is driven by our clients’ success, making our relationship an important one. Prior Consulting puts the needs of your business before anything else in the knowledge that if your business grows, so does ours. 

Lifestyle wellness provision and FitTech
Legal services provision and Legal tech
Carbon Offsetting
Solar Energy Projects
Traditional real estate development

Caring for our Environment

We hold an unwavering commitment to well being and our environment and our client base and business interest shows it. From Solar energy projects to carbon offsetting through reforestation, we are committed to leaving a permanent positive mark on all that surrounds us.

What We Do

All of our services are tailored to suit your specific requirements and risk appetite. Basically, you tell us where you want your business to be and we help you get there with creative funding and structuring. It’s not just about knowing what to write in a comminuation, but also knowing who to speak with.

When markets are as difficult to navigate as they now are, it is important to explore alternative avenues. Prior Consulting specialises in devising funding strategies and business introcutions that allow for consistent and sustainable growth, even if the wider economy is contracting.


Kevin Prior